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Plant of the Month: Asiatic Hybrid Lilies

In between early summer and high summer, among the best perennials to join June-blooming roses are the Asiatic hybrid lilies. Stately and strong, they provide a welcome linear accent in the garden. The multitude of colors and patterns makes it … Continue reading

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Review of Jack’s Classic Petunia FeED Fertilizer

Earlier this summer, while replenishing my fertilizer supplies at a local nursery, I came upon Jack’s Classic Petunia FeED. Made by the reliable JR Peters Inc, long known for its excellent assortment of indoor plant fertilizers, the clever name suggests … Continue reading

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Tomato Hornworm Parent?

Before you are able to appreciate that glamorous butterfly or majestic moth, there is a voracious caterpillar (larva) that needs copious amounts of food before it can molt into maturity. As a gardener, it’s important to be able to identify … Continue reading

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Crab Tree Farm

  Light years ago, when I was a young girl, I learned to play tennis just up the road from Crab Tree Farm. Gazing out the car window, on the way to my lessons, the farm had a storybook quality–like … Continue reading

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