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Gardening on the Cheap

Whether you’re making a garden or re-making a garden, plants and tools can be expensive. Here’s my list of tips and techniques, acquired over thirty years, for keeping down costs while still acquiring the best materials. If you know of … Continue reading

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Cones of Death

Mulch cone of death Some horticulturists and arborists call them “mulch volcanoes”. I call them “cones of death”, since prolonged exposure to this overzealous use of mulch will eventually weaken and kill the occupant. Mulch can be a useful tool … Continue reading

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Clethra ‘Vanilla Spice’ Update

Well, the Clethra alnifolia ‘Caleb’ (‘Vanilla Spice’) made it through this past winter with almost no ill effects–other than one small dead branch–in spite of having 22″ of snow dumped on it during our blizzard. As you can see from the photo at … Continue reading

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Answers to Questions You Haven’t Asked

Thanks to the magic of WordPress, I am able to see a list of the search terms used by readers coming to Gardening in the Mud. While I try my best to anticipate questions or issues in writing each post, … Continue reading

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Plant of the Month: Lilium ‘Stargazer’

The Stargazer Lily is on my top-ten list of best perennials. There’s almost no excuse for not being able to find a spot in the garden for this reliable performer:  at two and a half  feet, it’s short enough to be tucked … Continue reading

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