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The Drought of 2012

Officially, a drought is an extended period of below-average water supply in a particular region, often created by inadequate precipitation (either rain or snow). That’s how it began for us in the Midwest:  less snowfall than usual this past winter, an … Continue reading

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Plant of the Month: Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’

Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’ is one of those long-blooming perennials for which gardeners can be grateful. Beginning in June, ‘Zagreb’ produces a starry profusion of clear yellow flowers throughout the summer, as long as it has adequate sunlight and moisture. ‘Zagreb’ is tolerant … Continue reading

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Insect Pests: Earwigs

A mild winter and a warm spring resulted in a bumper crop of earwigs this year. Earwigs like cool, dark, damp places. Outdoors, earwigs are primarily nocturnal, so it may take a trip outside in the evening with a flashlight … Continue reading

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