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Dreaming of Tomatoes–Part I

As the yellow tomato blossoms and the smallest round, green fruits begin to appear on tomato plants at this time of year, it’s difficult not to think ahead to plans for the first fully ripe tomato waiting to be harvested. For … Continue reading

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How Much Water for the Garden?

Water is essential for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. The weekly water requirements of plants varies by temperature and by type of soil. At temperatures of 70°-75°F (21-24 C), plants use 0.15″-0.20″ (0.4-0.5 cm) of water per day, … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day: Lysol® is your friend

Actually, it doesn’t have to be Lysol®, but a reliable disinfectant spray should definitely be part of your gardening arsenal of tools and treatments. Pruning out infected shoots and branches has always been a useful and, yes, organic, way of eliminating … Continue reading

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If you don’t see it, just ask

Encyclopedic volumes exist on just about every aspect of gardening–from trees, shrubs and perennials, to insects and diseases, to soil and turfgrass, to vegetable gardening. My personal library consists of 150 books and at least 300 publications, so I know … Continue reading

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Plants for Clay Soil–The Asteraceae Family

One of the reasons for naming this blog Gardening in the Mud is that, like many of you reading this, I live in an area where the developer bulldozed off all the rich top soil from the former farmland and left the homeowners with nothing … Continue reading

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Itea virginica ‘sprich’ (“Little Henry”)

June can be a slow month in the garden while waiting for the roses to bloom. The spring flowering shrubs are spent, all but the latest blooming peonies have shed their petals, and the colorful spring bulbs have turned into tan stalks with … Continue reading

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