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A New Rose, Part II

Isolating a plant ailment is confusing at times, especially distinguishing between plant nutritional issues and plant viruses. Even when the cause of the problem is traceable to a mineral deficiency, it’s important to identify which mineral is deficient in order to … Continue reading

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Cones of Death

Mulch cone of death Some horticulturists and arborists call them “mulch volcanoes”. I call them “cones of death”, since prolonged exposure to this overzealous use of mulch will eventually weaken and kill the occupant. Mulch can be a useful tool … Continue reading

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Creating an American Potager, Part III

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the traditions of the potager, Rosemary Verey’s deservedly popular interpretation of the concept, design alternatives for gardeners in climates less hospitable than Verey’s Zone 7, and possible American interpretations of the classic potager. … Continue reading

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December Plant(s) of the Month: Ilex x meserveae ‘Mesog’ and ‘Mesdob’

Since it’s December, I thought that the plant of the month should be something seasonal; but as these plants are hollies, we need to think in pairs. Ilex x  meserveae ‘Mesog’ and ‘Mesdob’ are more commonly known as ‘China Girl’® and ‘China … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Tomatoes–Part II

All vegetable plants produce optimum results when they can achieve rapid, uninterrupted growth. As gardeners, it’s up to us to provide our vegetable plants with conditions that enable that rapid, uninterrupted growth. Tomatoes absolutely insist on warm soil and warm air when they … Continue reading

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How Much Water for the Garden?

Water is essential for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. The weekly water requirements of plants varies by temperature and by type of soil. At temperatures of 70°-75°F (21-24 C), plants use 0.15″-0.20″ (0.4-0.5 cm) of water per day, … Continue reading

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Plants for Clay Soil–The Asteraceae Family

One of the reasons for naming this blog Gardening in the Mud is that, like many of you reading this, I live in an area where the developer bulldozed off all the rich top soil from the former farmland and left the homeowners with nothing … Continue reading

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