Plant Viruses

Roses aren’t the only plants that suffer from viruses. Here are two photos from the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin showing viruses that were found on nursery stock in Wisconsin. Both photos show examples of Tobacco Rattle Virus. The virus on the Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) is typical of the jagged, lightning bolt form that viruses often assume on leaves. The same virus on the Epimedium rubrum (Bishop’s Hat) has a more mottled appearance, and might be confused with insect damage. Viruses can’t be cured, so a virus-infected plant is a doomed plant. Remember to always purchase plants from a reputable supplier.
Tobacco Rattle Virus on Dicentra, Liz Meils DATCPTobacco Rattle Virus on Epimedium, Annette Phibbs DATCP

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