Kenosha, Wisconsin Garden Walk, Part 2

More beautiful gardens from the talented Kenosha gardeners. As a reminder, if you click on any one of the photos, the others in that gallery will become available in slideshow sequence. To exit the gallery, click once more in a blank space.

Rural Garden 1

These homeowners placed large, gracefully curved  mixed beds adjacent to the house, contrasting with wide expanses of lawn. A welcoming front entry includes an effective use of a large bed pulled into the lawn, a small anchoring tree, and plenty of simple greenery punctuated by luxurious, colorful hanging baskets. Raised vegetable beds at the side of the house are positioned to take advantage of southern sunlight, while generously planted pots soften the corners of the attached garage. Bermed soil surrounds the edge of the property, where simple perennials, colorful annuals and a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees provide a privacy screen.


Rural Garden 2

A second story and complementary garage were added to make this country home an absolute jewel. A single, colorful planting bed and some elegant potted plants welcome visitors to the front door. The central focus of the back yard is a tiered garden, complete with a soothing stream and a foot bridge. Notice the magnificent Siberian Willow standard, with its delicate silvery leaves, acting as a gentle, but insistent, end to the stream. To the  right of the tiered garden, a carefully tended grouping of Salix integra (Dappled Willow) softens the corners of the tool shed. An elegant raised vegetable bed, wrapped around the garage, completes this stunning garden.


Rural Garden 3

 This charming country home uses a colorful, effective combination of plants to set off the entry to the front door. Hidden in the back of the house is an arbored terrace and screened gazebo for maximum enjoyment of a large back yard garden. Classic country ornaments become part of the planting scheme. An Acer saccharinum ‘Laciniatum’ provides dappled shade for some old garden favorites such as the purple-pink Astrantia major. Visual interest is provided by a terraced garden at the rear of the property.

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