A Note on WordPress Ads Masquerading as Legitimate Links

It seems that WordPress is indiscriminately adding advertisements to any blog that doesn’t wish to pay a $30.00 no-ad fee. These ads are being placed to make them appear as though they are suggested links or have some relevance to the particular post.  Many WordPress blog owners are complaining about the positioning of these ads, particularly the latest obnoxious entry, “poppressed radar”. The ads do not appear if you are logged-in to WordPress, but, for anyone else, you will see what appears to be a recommended link. I urge you to ignore these ads and not to click on anything that is not a legitimate  link within an article. If the ads become pervasive, I will consider moving to a fee-based site.

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4 Responses to A Note on WordPress Ads Masquerading as Legitimate Links

  1. It’s happened to us too on both our blogs. When people click on Comment they pop up. It’s a disgrace!

    • grayslady says:

      You know, I wouldn’t mind if the ads were set off to the side of the posts or at the bottom of the page; but when an ad is inserted right after the body of the post–and is deceptively made to appear as a recommended link–then I become cross.

      I don’t know if you’re getting the “poppressed” ads, but it’s my understanding that WordPress owns that particular website. If so, what a pathetic attempt on WordPress’s part to drive traffic to their own site.

  2. akehisone says:

    $30.00 in Indonesian Rupiahs, we home-based, stay-home-mom are trying to start our business here…$30.00 is way to much…seriously

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