Tip of the Day: Lysol® is your friend

Lysol Spray Disinfectant

Actually, it doesn’t have to be Lysol®, but a reliable disinfectant spray should definitely be part of your gardening arsenal of tools and treatments. Pruning out infected shoots and branches has always been a useful and, yes, organic, way of eliminating disease. Unfortunately, many plant disease spores are transferred by hands, gardening gloves, clothing, or tools.

The old wisdom advised mixing a solution of bleach and water in which the garden tool needed to  soak for 10-20 minutes between cuts. But who can spend that kind of time in the garden these days just to prune one plant? Fortunately,  spray disinfectants kill the fungal spores on contact, eliminating the need to tote a bucket of bleach and water around the garden.  So in between cutting out those Black Spot-infested rose shoots, or Prunus trees with Black Knot, or other fungus-infected plants, spray your pruners with a disinfectant, and then you won’t  transfer the disease spores to another part of the plant.

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6 Responses to Tip of the Day: Lysol® is your friend

  1. witchsball says:

    Hey, welcome to the world of gardening blogs! Edge here – by any other name. You’re on my blogroll now.

  2. grayslady says:

    Thanks. Appreciate it.

  3. HT says:

    Saw your comment on TC, so followed. Thanks for a great site. Amateur gardener here, but love it.

  4. Erica says:

    Looked you up after being at The Confluence. I’m in zone 9, have a fruit and vegie extravaganza going on at my small urban “homestead” in the Bay Area. I haven’t found many garden blogs about zone 9, but enjoy several from around the country–and world–and will continue to check yours out. Love the Lysol tip, I was given a case of it and now have a way to use it! Good luck with your blog.

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